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Although, art is a visual communication, I'm not interested in telling a story.
Instead, I want my art to seduce the viewer by focusing on the elements of art.
I push color to create mood, atmosphere and to dramatically enrich subject matter.
Color is a key element in creating my paintings and what
most attracts people to my work
. – Nancy Ness

Morning Snowsports (oil) 12" x 12" 

Pee Break (oil) 12" x 12" 

Belly Rub (oil) 10" x 10"  SOLD

The Cove  (oil) 24" x 18" SOLD

Blue Bird Day  (oil) 16" x 16"

Last Run  (oil) 16" x 16"  SOLD

631-365-3866  •  nessnancy@hotmail.com •  PO  Box 150168, Ogden, UT 84415