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Nancy Ness’ formative years were spent in a cookie cutter neighborhood of brick houses on Long Island, NY.  Her unconventional life began by living in a tree house and then on a sailboat. Now she and her husband split their time between two lifestyles. In the winter they ski and live near Snowbasin, UT. When spring arrives, they move onto their boat to sail and live near Greenport, NY.

Nancy feels her decision to pursue the arts came very early. She was particularly inspired by Picasso’s lifelong youthful, creative spirit.

This decision lead to one year of college at Visual Arts in NYC before escaping to California. For years, she was a perpetual art student until moving and matriculating into the University of Minnesota while working as a graphic designer.  Four years after, she moved back to New York and completed a BFA in Communication Arts from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

Nancy then worked in publication and promotion for thirty years. She won awards and designed for such clients as Jaguar Cars, IBM, Price Waterhouse, Long Island University, and many other well-known corporations. In 2007 after years of art direction, she broke her commuter chains to once again pick up a paint brush.

Nancy finds her computer graphic skills are now a useful tool in manipulating reference photos for her paintings. She is constantly experimenting with different mediums, surfaces and framework. She works with a subject series for consistency but allows experimentation to evolve the process.

At this point Nancy has the freedom to say, “It’s important for me to do what’s right for the painting. For so many years, in the design world I had to please and alter work for different clients. Now, it’s time for the work to lead the way.”


"Creativity is an addiction I
caught at an early age. I find, each

opens another
door to creative

“I am experimental in my art and allow each piece the room to evolve throughout the process.”
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